Saved by the Uvula

“Hey guys, see this dangly thing in my throat… it totally saved my life!”

When I’m pondering the simple things in life… one of the questions I mull over is… “What is that dangly thing in the back of the throat and what on earth is it for?…”

Just kidding, I don’t usually sit around and mull over silly things like that….. but in case you ever wondered…. It’s called a uvula, and in Ty’s case, it was created to help save his life…among its other anatomical values.  No kidding!

Ty in reveiw: he’s constantly moving, constantly trying to accidentally kill himself, and he has an apparently large head…(which he inherited from his father…) ahem.

So yesterday we had just finished dinner, Chris was working late, and the kids and I were upstairs in the playroom… Grace reading her book, Harper working on something else, and Ty…in his normal fashion…going a million miles a minute.

But at this particular moment, he was playing with this small toy flute, while sitting in his chair.  Seems like a benign activity.  NOPE.  One second later, he decided to get out of his chair, HEAD first…. Well, actually flute first.  He fell forward, and the flute hit the floor first, jamming it INTO the back of his throat.  BLOOD everywhere…. I mean, everywhere.

I’m feeling light headed, no one else is home and after a few “oh my gosh-es! and Help me Jesus-es’” I ran out the front door to my neighbors house.  She surveyed the damage, I called another friend whose a nurse… she came over and was able to see a cut on the back of his throat.

Needless to say, we took him into this urgent care (which is AWESOME) by the way…. all ER docs… Anyways, long story short, after tests and xrays they concluded that there was not a puncture, and I could take him to his regular Pediatrician the next day.

She examined him this morning and said “WOW, he is lucky.  The flute hit square on the uvula, if it had hit to the right or the left, it would have most certainly punctured the back of the throat!  I’ve never seen anything like this!”  In other words, PRAISE THE LORD!

His throat is raw and is lacerated a bit, and the little uvula is completely raw, but he should be fine.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of your uvula! (but mainly of God!)

So, in other news…. TAYLOR SWIFT.  Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…..

Chris made the girls’ life by getting them and some of their friends tickets to the Taylor Swift concert last week.  Oh. My.  They were so excited, beside themselves, really.  We had so much fun.  I love Taylor.  I wrote about this on FB… but it was so nice to sit through the whole show not worried that she was going to drop an f-bomb, or hump the mic stand.  She was very classy, wore pretty dresses, and sang fun songs!  We danced, ate popcorn, and loved every minute of it.  Thank you Taylor for continuing to be a role model in your industry! Love her.

Alright, that’s about it. Exhausted from yesterdays events. Buh bye.

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The Poop Card.

(found this image on pinterest, but couldn’t find any source… or maybe I just don’t know how.)

Sometimes you just gotta pull the poop card.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT about stinky bodily functions directly, but if you have a problem with the word poop, avert your eyes now and run for the hills…because there’s gonna be some of that up in here today.

Alrighty then… back to the Poop Card.  Most moms will identify, although they may not call it the Poop Card, they have one too…..admit it or not… we all know…. the Poop Card exists. I had forgotten about this little phenomenon until recently… which gives me hope that this phase will too come to an end. And to my complete and utter delight, the girls have caught on and they have their own version… which makes me proud…because I have, indeed imparted at least one nugget of pure wisdom into their young, impressionable minds.  Believe me, this is one they will use forever.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I love the baby stage.  I do.  I love that sweet, snuggly, sleepy stage that is the newborn.  That unbelievably soft hair, skin, and that way they sound when they breathe so sweetly and rhythmically while you hold them.  I love the warm feeling of that bundle when they sleep on your chest.  But as Chris reminds me almost daily… that phase ends quickly.  Sniff sniff.  So, yes… Ty’s been out of it for a while.  He’s now in this horrible tween phase… You know, after they are out of the baby stage, and before they are firmly a toddler.  He can’t walk alone yet, but he thinks he should be able to. He has a few words, but not enough to communicate ALL his needs… so he WHINES.  I. hate. whining. I hate my kids whining and I hate your kids whining.

He’s just been weaned…and he’s not happy about it.  He feels that the proper and safe way to get out of every situation is HEAD first. (stairs, off furniture, out of his car seat etc.)  In other words, he inadvertently tries to kill himself at least 78 times a day. This is especially apparent when we are at the store and he’s strapped into a basket.  No matter how many times I straight-jacket that kid down, he Houdinis himself out of EVERY buckle and is standing or going head first over the side of the basket in T minus .3 seconds. It’s awesome. I look like the BEST parent in the market.  ”Um, excuse me, ma’am… your son is about to fall on his head… excuse me ma’am… do you know it’s dangerous to let your kid do that?”  ’YES, I FREAKING DO!!!  Do you not see the 13 buckles he’s just gotten out of in .5 seconds while I put the Wheaties in my cart?’  Geesh.  I digress.

Lord help me, sometimes I just need a break.  Even a 5 minute break is good; not enough, but adequate for the moment.  I need to unplug for a sec, play a game of candy crush, listen to inappropriate Katy Perry songs… (mostly kidding), thumb through Instagram, or say a prayer for patience, and an extra long nap time  This is where the poop card comes in.

Yall, I have to go poop!!  Not really, most of the time… but you get the idea.  I quickly decide where Ty could potentially hurt himself the least, relocate him there and run… I mean, RUN to the nearest bathroom and shut the door.  Most of the time Ty’s one step behind me and he whines at the door till I come out.  So I know he’s relatively safe.  I can see his fingers under the door. So, in go the headphones and on goes Peacock by Katy Perry because I like the beat… :) (yes, it’s terribly inappropriate, but it’s so stinking hilarious and FUN… and have you seen those costumes in the concert video. A-MAZING!)

The girls know from experience NOT to open the door when I’m poopin.  Not a good outcome for anyone.  Ty will learn.  Had to pull the poop card this morning on Ty, but I wasn’t prepared for what I’d see when I came out of the loo.

Yup, I stood on the counter to get the whole view.  But what you can’t see is the hair product squirted on the floor just out of the picture range.  Huge mess, but at that moment I didn’t care.  Nope.  I was happily humming the peacock song as I picked up the mess.  Sometimes 4 minutes and 32 seconds of peace is TOTALLY worth it.

I mean look at that big hunk of strawberry blonde love.  After I threw down the poop card, I could appreciate it once again. I’m tellin ya, ladies, mom’s, dad’s… whoever… USE it.  The poop card always wins.

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Curve Ball

So, I guess just when you feel like you’ve got things under control, here comes a curve ball. Just a little reminder that we need Jesus, I guess.  See, I’ve got this middle child, who is sweet, sassy, opinionated, hilarious and down right stubborn.  She wants to make her own decisions, she doesn’t want to be like anyone else… and she likes to be in CONTROL.  Don’t we all.  This week she’s kept us on our toes… Oh you know, there have been spankings, one slight ‘door handle problem’, and some serious tears shed.  It’s been one of those weeks.  Geesh. Two phrases have been flashing through my mind all week: “Help me Jesus”  and “She’s about to get a beat down…!!!”  Thankfully the Jesus part won over and she’s still alive.  :)

But even on the worst day, you look at her see that heart of gold and that sweet, sweet nature and you can’t help but love her even on the roughest days.  I mean, look at her little tender heart taking care of her little brother just like she was his mama.

…. Meanwhile, in other news… it’s almost Grace’s birthday, she’s decided she wants an iphone, or an ipad, she’s not picky HAHA…….. AND…. NO.

I took a treat to school today for her class.  I just love seeing her in that environment.  She’s grown so much from the timid little shy girl she was just a few short years ago.  School has given her so much confidence, it’s amazing.

Hockey season is quickly approaching… yay, and boo… I’ve actually missed the sport… but the realization of Chris’ work schedule probably hasn’t set in yet.  We’ll make it, every season gets easier.  Woo Hoo.  Now if we can just get our icy butts to the playoffs this year, we’ll all be happier.

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Let’s try this again: Catching up.

Hello.  Anyone still there…?  Probably not, but I’m gonna try this blogging thing again.

Chris has been asking me for a little while to start writing again… I’m kind of impressed that he misses reading the blog! Sweet, huh?

Anyways, it’s been a year… a whole  year since I blogged last about Ty’s birth story.  So much has happened, and I feel like I’ve changed.  But first things first…

Fast forward to a year, and here we are.  Ty just turned 1.  He’s O.N.E.  A toddler, coming out of that baby stage… sad face.  I love the baby stage…. Correction:  I loved HIS baby stage… not so much the girls… more on that later.

Here’s just a few facts about Ty, simply so I’ll have it recorded somewhere. He’s crawling super fast all over the place, he pulls up, cruises around and can fly up our stairs in about 5 seconds, flat.  No joke, faster that you can turn around.  He’s got several words that he uses regularly: Uh-oh, mama, dada, thank-you, bye bye, bubba, di-pa (diaper) and the other day he actually said “Hi- TyTy” after one of us said it to him.  He tries to mimic so much of what we say its cute.  He’s in love with his sisters.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays when they are both in school… this is one sad, needy little fella.  When we pick up Harper from school, he breaks out into laughter the minute he sees her… and when it’s bus time… he cranes his neck to look around the corner for that big yellow taxi… and when he sees it, he shakes with excitement.  He loves waving to the bus driver, and lunges for Grace as soon as she’s off the bus.

He continues to be super tall (90th percentile for his age) and super skinny (10th percentile)… He’s got the tiniest butt and hips you’ll ever see.  I noticed the other day that he was wearing the same pj pants he wore at 3-4 months old… although now they are more like shorts.

Harper is in Pre-K and seems to be enjoying it.  She just goes 2 days a week, because, honestly it’s easier to have her home.  She loves on Ty and plays so well with him.  This is her last year at home before kindergarten and I couldn’t bring myself to send her to school more than 2 days this year.  She’ll have to go 5 days a week for at least 16-17 years… so why start that one year earlier than we have to? She’s opinionated, hilarious, and has her own ideas about EVERYTHING, and she’s not afraid to let you know what they are.  Having to adjust to being the middle child has been a little hard for her, but I think she’s coming into her own now, and seems to be thriving.

How did I wake up and have a first grader?  I still can’t believe we’re here.  Wowzers.  Anyways, this girl was made for school.  She loves the academics, she loves the social aspect, and she loves the bus.  She got another amazing teacher this year, and is already settling in. This year she has at least 5-6 kids from the neighborhood in her class, which is awesome.  She’s another little mama to Ty.  I can seriously trust her to ‘babysit’ him in the rec room for a few minutes while I cook dinner.  She’s attentive, she’s protective, and she loves playing with him… needless to say, Ty’s enthralled with her too.  It’s just so amazing to see the relationships between Ty and the girls grow.  I knew they’d love him, but I had no idea HOW MUCH they’d love each other.

In thinking back over this year, it has changed me.  I’m a different mom now than I was a year ago.  Some combination of all the pre/post baby hormones and the emotions of sending the first child off to Kindergarten changed me.  I suddenly realized that these days at home with small children DO end, this stage will not be forever.  Maybe I’d gotten stuck in the motions and could not see past the 24-7 needs.  Maybe because the girls are fairly close together, their baby stages were much harder because they all got muddled into one huge cloud of exhaustion and I was simply trying to make it to naptime and bedtime.  I honestly couldn’t see an end to it….Until August of last year.

I now ENJOY just sitting on the floor reading books with them, or playing an endless game of catch with Ty.  I don’t mind if someone misses a nap or they take a short one that day.  Board games are no longer boring to me… and I will gladly snuggle Harper in her bed before she ‘takes a rest’ at home.  Now when Grace gets home from school, I want to see her, to hang out with her, help her with homework or whatever… On the weekends, I don’t mind just hanging at home and doing what they want to do.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really ENJOYED these things before.  I DID them, but didn’t want to do them….at all.  I was surviving.  Now I feel like I’m thriving.  Why the change?  I have no idea, but I am grateful for it.   I mean, I’d love to have another baby… or 100 more (just kidding)… albeit not right now… but Chris says N.O. he is DONE, done, done    (hi honey… :)

I feel like a new woman, a new mom… can’t explain it… don’t know why, but I’ll take what I can get, right!?

So, there ya go.  Blog post done.  Hope I can keep it up.  I have also forgotten how therapeutic writing is for me.



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Baby Day

So as not to succumb to my sleep deprived, pre-delivery, as well as post pregnancy dementia, I am going to attempt to write about baby Ty’s birthday so I won’t forget.  No gory details, I promise…

Anyways, background information first:  I was induced with both girls, and had never had the experience of going into labor on my own, really… and I wanted to experience that at least once!  Since this will most likely be the last baby, barring failure of permanent measures… I was praying that I could just go into labor and do this thing without a scheduled induction.

So, August 18 comes around, and my parents took the girls for the night.  Chris and I went shopping and to eat fried zucchini at Carrabas, which actually did put me into labor with Harper… albeit early labor that they stopped… We walked, and walked and I was having contractions pretty regularly.  We stopped by a party of some of Chris’ work friends, and eventually left only to continue walking around Vandy’s campus to see if the contractions would stick around.  They did, but I wasn’t convinced it was time to go to the hospital.

We went home, went to sleep, and I woke up the next morning to the contractions slowing down.  Bummer.  But all was not lost…!  The grass needed to be mowed, and the hedges trimmed, YES… sounds like a great job for a woman trying to put herself into labor.  So, I pushed mowed the lawn while guzzling water just to ensure that these weren’t fake contractions… then helped Chris trim hedges and rake up all the leaves etc.  Contractions were steady and pretty painful.  We thought about walking to Home Depot for more lawn bags, which in hindsight, I am so glad we didn’t do… I think I may have popped a kid out on the side of Carouthers Blvd…. anyhow, after a shower and about 10 trips up and down the stairs, I decided to call the OB.  The contractions had been steady for about 3 hours or more and the week before I was dilated 4-5 cm. The doc told us to come in, because once I am in active labor, usually in less than 2 hours each of the kids had been born.

Got to the hospital, still about 5cm dilated… I was MAD! They told me to walk around an hour more, and she would check again.  Surely enough, after an hour, the nurse checked me and noticed a small change, decided she could tell the OB I was 6cm now, and thankfully they couldn’t send me home! Hallelujah!  She came in and broke my water, and baby Ty was born about 2 hours later… August 19 at around 8:30pm.

It was hilarious, because I was having a love affair with my epidural, and was texting friends, surfing facebook, instagram and the like literally up until 10 min before the kid came out.  I love epidurals.  Let me say it again… I LOOOOVE epidurals.  Don’t even come up in here and tell me that they are anything but fabulous….  I know better!  I could feel every contraction, just no pain… I could move my legs, feel when to push and knew when the baby was about to make his debut, but with NO pain.  Ahhhh, what could be better.  It was amazing!  And when that sucker wore off, I had virtually no pain either, didn’t even pop an ibuprofen in the days following delivery.   SEE: The proof is in the pudding… active labor, major contractions…totally relaxed and all smiles…if I wasn’t already married, I would marry you, Mr. Epidural. I love you. 

Baby Ty entered the world at 22 inches long (via NICU measurement, in the delivery room they said 21) and weighing 6 lbs. 10 oz. His arms, legs and feet were so long no one could really believe it! He had a little bit of reddish blonde hair and a sweet, sweet temperament.

Grace and Harper came to see him early the next morning, because they both had fallen asleep right before he was born.  As you can see, for Grace, it was love at first sight, literally.

Harper was terrified of the hospital environment and basically wouldn’t have anything to do with him until we got home. This is the closest she would get.

Ty’s been such a good baby. After 2 days in the NICU, he came home, and ever since then, Harper has been in love too.

He looks so much like she did, its almost impossible to tell their newborn pictures apart. So, there ya go! I am sure I forgot a few things, but that’s the just of it!  He’s 3 weeks old and time is flying by.

Now that Grace is in Kindergarten, I have a new perspective on the baby, toddler, preschool stages.  I KNOW now that these phases will end.  If you had asked me last year at this time, I probably would have honestly told you that I would be the mother of preschoolers FOREVER…. When I hadn’t known anything else, it did seem like that is what I would be doing for the And that was an exhausting thought some days.  No matter what mothers with older children would tell me, I couldn’t see past the phase we were in.

Not anymore… the lack of sleep isn’t getting to me as much, the lack of alone time isn’t weighing me down as much as it used to, and the kids’ neediness, which I have always really hated is actually kind of sweet.   Now, chock this up to post pregnancy feel good hormones, I don’t know… But the new perspective is nice, and hopefully it will last!

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The day Grace OWNED the bus.

No lie, August 17, 2012 I think I did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in Grace’s life… including birthing the child… I let her ride the bus home from school on her first full day of Kindergarten.  I did not cry on her first half day, I did not cry even when we dropped her off at her first full day, I didn’t even cry at the “Boo Hoo Breakfast” where their sole purpose is to make you bawl like a baby… But when I got home and realized that I would not be picking my child up from school, I had a full on melt down and cried like a baby.

Oh my goodness, I am not used to Grace being so confident and eager to try things by herself.  She is the kid who cried when I walked downstairs in our house, and she was still playing upstairs…like maybe even until last week.  She was terrified that I’d walk out to get the mail and leave her inside by herself… She has always been kind of attached.

But not today, buddy.  The first thing she said when I picked her up from her half day was, “I wanna ride the bus tomorrow.”

“Um, Ok… well, let’s talk about it, let’s ask Daddy what he thinks… you don’t HAVE to ride on your first day…”

“I know, but I want to ride it!”

Well, against all the fibers in my being, I said yes… thinking if I showed any hesitation at all, or anxiety about it, it would kill her confidence….So, that’s what  we did.

Maybe I didn’t realize it until a few minutes after I walked in the door yesterday, that she would actually be riding the bus home….

…And I cried, for maybe 2 hours, then fell asleep for 2 hours (harper was running some errands with mom when I happened to pass out from crying-exhaustion), woke up, ate lunch, put Harper down for a nap…and paced the floor for oh, I’d say…3.5 hours.  Eventually I put the pacing to good use and started cleaning… needless to say, the house was spotless.

When the clock hit 3:35, I was a mess again… good Lord… that’s when she was getting on the bus for the first time in her life with all kinds of big kids that she doesn’t know… And talk about the wait until I actually saw the bus pulling up.  Holy Moses, I was running through the list of things I needed to do to file a missing child alert when she didn’t get off at our stop.

….And then like magic, here came the bus, the lights started flashing, and it actually stopped, right in front of us… and out came the smiley-est 5 year old girl you’d ever seen; ever so confident, and dare I say a little surprised that she had done this all by herself.

I think a 2 ton weight lifted off my shoulders at that point and I took the first deep breath I’d taken all day. She made it, she wasn’t crying, she was actually smiling, she had big girls waving bye to her out the window when she got off… and she had a fan club waiting for her at the stop…she was on cloud 9.

So, what’s the most logical thing to do when you just OWNED that bus like you’d been riding it since the day you were born???

Take off running towards the ice cream shop to celebrate, of course!

Hello. My name is Grace and I rocked the bus today!

…And then I breathed again, made sure to notice if the baby was still moving since I think I had deprived him of oxygen all day; and I prayed and thanked Jesus who has really turned this timid little girl into a confident little 5 year old who is ready for new things…

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First day of Kindergarten!

I can not believe we are here… the first day of Kindergarten is in the books.  AND. SHE. LOVED. IT. I have worried and prayed over this day oh for about the last 3 years, and I can’t believe its here.

She did great.  No one shed tears, I could tell she was a little nervous, but mostly excited.  Harper was the saddest of all, she just wants to do whatever her sister does, and up until now, she really did!

She literally can’t wait 2 more years till she can go with G to school.

See the excitement and nerves on her face…?  This was the sweetest, most precious girl sitting next to grace.  She looked at her with the biggest smile and said “Hey Grace!  We are gonna be really good friends!” Melted my heart.

Before I knew it, it was time to pick her up and the carpool line was crazy as ever.  But the smile from ear to ear on Grace’s face was priceless.  She usually tries to hide her little smile when she is the most excited, but not today!  She was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about her day.  Almost the first thing she said to me was… “I really wanna ride the bus tomorrow!” I tried not to swallow my tongue and said, “I think that will be really fun Grace, maybe you can ride it home!” My internal organs were twisting inside, but I didn’t want to show her my nerves! I think it will be really good for her, so we just might take her in the morning and let her ride the bus home… Oh Lordy, the stress of waiting on the bus tomorrow may just put me into labor right there on the corner!!! I mean, how do the bus drivers know where to drop off each kid?  Stupid question, probably, but I’ve never ridden the school bus, so I am kind of freaking out!

I can’t believe my baby is in school… FOREVER….and that I am about to have another one any minute now.  This is crazy, and I don’t want poor Harper to get lost in the shuffle. Chris says he identifies with her… the middle child and all… he was so neglected as a child… (wink wink)

I am so THANKFUL that this day went well! Next thing to tackle will be the bus….. maybe tomorrow…! EEEKKK.


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Almost June

May seems to have come and gone in a hurry.  It’s been a fun, full month.   We’ve been to the splash pad, which was awesome!

Last night we went to the opening of the Treehouse exhibit at Cheekwood.  It was amazing to see all these treehouses!  This was my favorite.  It was crafted after the book The Rainbow Fish.  So cool.  Made out of thousands of cd’s!

Today we met friends, rode the trolley and painted pottery.  It was super fun!  Here’s harper and her friend noelle obviously talking about something HILARIOUS.

Here they are about to paint their pottery!

And here the girls are on the trolley.  This was the first experience Grace has had that will be similar to the school bus and she loved it.  I was so blessed by the driver of our 2nd bus, who happened to be a school bus driver for the Williamson County Schools too! She talked to me the WHOLE 30 min. ride about the ins and outs of the bus, the safety, the procedures, the drivers, and everything else.  The whole time I felt like God was giving me a little wink and love from above.  I have been constantly praying and praying about  making the right decision in whether to let Grace ride the bus next year, and what better experience could I have than 30 min of uninterrupted Q and A time with a driver herself.  I was MORE than impressed with EVERYTHING she told me.  Wow, I was really blown away at what an answer to prayer this was!

And finally, this is a pic of the 26 week baby bump.  I took this yesterday, but I feel like it’s a little deceiving.  I feel about 3x’s this size and I am not sure if the mirror is playing tricks on the camera here… but I swear I feel like I look bigger than this.  Who knows.

… and now I need to go take a nap before the girls wanna go to the pool for the rest of the afternoon/evening!  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having an amazing neighborhood pool.  Seriously, they can not get enough of it.  We are there sometimes twice a day for hours at a time.  I. Love. It! (I may need to buy stock in sunscreen, though…)

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“Dyeing” for a boy

This is my new best friend.  Fabric dye.  No, it’s not all natural/organic… shame on me… but you do what you can, right?

I read this post about dyeing clothes the other day and thought I’d give it a try.  each bottle is less than 3 dollars and dyes TONS of fabric, so what did I have to loose, right?

I pulled out the 2 bins of baby clothes I had from the girls, and not only was everything PINK, but it was all completely stained with spit up from Harper.  I had forgotten how much this girl actually puked until I saw the evidence on the clothes.  Wow.  There was no hope for most of those things…or so I thought.  I was going to have to throw them away, use them for rags or something else, because I would be ashamed to give these to charity.

I started with the items stained the most…and filled up my dye bath. I think the first color I used was from a powder called sunshine orange… Worked like a charm!

Next I tried Aquamarine… that worked out pretty well too.  There are some items that are a little splotchy, but from what I read, I could dye them again to get that to go away… but I didn’t bother.

Here’s one of my absolute favorite outfits that the girls wore.  Top was white (but mostly puke stained) with a pink and brown bunny, and the pants were pink.  Now look at the results! I am thrilled!  Love how it turned out!

Aww, the little man will look so cute in this!  And they all 3 will have worn it!  I SO wish I’d have taken before pictures… I was too ready to try out the technique and didn’t hunt down the camera.

The only pitfall I ran into is that sometimes the thread doesn’t dye…i.e the white seams you see on some of the items.  Some of the things I tried to dye had been sewn with pink thread and after dyeing, it was completely still visible and very pink…so although they turned out cute, and the puke stains were covered they wouldn’t be suitable for a boy.  Still very girly looking.

The number 1 thing I learned is that the more rinsing, the better.  I rinsed and rinsed these items by hand until the water ran clear for at least a few minutes before throwing them in the machine for the first time.  I had almost no color bleeding when I did it this way, which is good because I am not a good light/dark separator when it comes to laundry…

Here’s a pic of the whole lot of clothes that I dyed:

*the items that look gray in this pic are in fact the same color blue as the shirt in the first pic…don’t know what’s going on with it here.   AND at least half of these items were PINK!

And now for the best part of the project:

We all know those Aden and Anais blankets that are all the rage these days, but are WAAAAAY expensive, right?  I’ve heard amazing things about them, but I had no idea you could buy the same fabric and make your own for a fraction of the cost…!

Check this tutorial out:

Genious!  I ran to JoAnn’s as fast as I could with my 50% coupon in hand and bought 6 yards of the stuff in white. (which ended up being @3.49 per yard) I cut and dyed 3 blankets, and then serged the raw edges with a rolled hem and a contrasting color.  I will leave the other 3 blankets white and either serge with another color, or I may finish the edges like she does here, and maybe add some kind of applique or something… I kind of like the pop of color from the rolled hem though… we’ll see!

I am more than thrilled that I did NOT shell out half a “Benjamin” for 3 blankets.

In other news… the sisters are fine and dandy.  Here are a couple of shots from this past weekend.


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April….where have you gone?

What on earth have we been doing this month….?  Let’s see… We had Easter, and a whole bunch of hockey…and that’s honestly all I can remember right now.  This may be a bullet point post of tidbits I can remember from the month, since I was a total slacker in blogville.

Let’s see:

* We took the girls to see the baby chicks and ducks at TSC… adorable.  I wanted to bring one (or 5) home!

* Most days I feel like I am just surviving…and eating pineapple.  I think I’ve consumed at least 10 fresh pineapples in the past month alone.

* The baby is still a boy, and he is healthy and growing.  I think he looks like Chris from the ultrasound…but hey, you can really only see the profile and the shape of the head… hehe…And we are no closer to figuring out a name than we were before we knew boy or girl… ugh.

* I have become an avid reader of all things hockey (Predators related, that is) I can’t get enough.

* I also read the Hunger Games series this month… and I was impressed with the first and second books (although I didn’t love them) but hated the third book.  It probably says something about the writer when I didn’t like the story but couldn’t pull myself away from reading the books… huh?

*Grace and Harper have become best friends over the past year and I am starting to worry about what Harper is going to do when Grace goes to Kindergarten. Can 3 year olds get depressed?  Hopefully a new baby will distract her.

* Chris is the best husband ever and worked his magic for me to have glass seats for 2 of the 1st round games in the playoffs. Oh my goodness…. Here are a few picts of game 5.

* Folks, no zoom on my camera was employed here… We were just THAT close.  I could have grabbed his jersey if there was no plexi-glass in front of me….Pucks slammed into the glass inches from our face… the players checked each other into the boards… it was awesome.  The first game I was scared out of my mind… (and saw myself on ESPN hiding from the impact)..but by the second game, it was all business.

* This is June… my brave friend who accompanied me to game 5…on the glass.  We had a blast!

* And yet another perk of being married to the coolest guy on earth… we rode in style to the game.  A town car with the nicest driver in the history of drivers came to pick us up at home.  I could get used to this!

Can you tell that Playoff Hockey has dominated our lives this month?  Even the girls know it’s playoff time… the pray for the Preds almost every night, and whatever the color of our opponent becomes the “grossest” color ever for that series. It is really funny.  Grace even ‘trash talked’ our opponent last week, saying: “Mom, I bet all the Red Wings smoke cigarettes, because cigarettes are so gross and the Red Wings are so gross…”  I was dying laughing.

Even the boy gets all riled up when we are watching hockey… it is definitely when he is most active.  Maybe it’s all the screaming and jumping up and down on my part…but whatever it is, it takes about an hour after games for him to calm down.

* Also, I have become kind of a hockey snob and am of the opinion that all other sports are a snooze-fest compared to NHL hockey….

*Ok, the last point of the day… Kindergarten open house is tonight at Kenrose Elementary!  Grace is beyond excited, and Harper is hoping to convince someone that she is actually 5, so she can go WITH Grace in August.

Hopefully I will be back sooner than later with more posts and pictures!  Pregnancy is kicking my butt, although half the time I forget what’s going on and wonder why I am SO tired.

Alright, we’ll end it here: GOOOO PREDS!!


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