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Etsy Update

Etsy, Etsy… so many things to say about Etsy. I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks, some good, some not so good! Still no sales yet, but BIG news… One of my sweaters made it to the FRONT page … Continue reading

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Princess Procurement

Thankfully, my soon to be 4 year old can’t read all the words in this post yet… but I have a confession to make: Gulp. Here goes nothin‘…. Every single present Grace is getting from us for her birthday IS … Continue reading

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Brand your hangers: A tutorial

Do you have any of those full-body plastic hangers??? Like this: As ugly as they are, they do help clothes, especially little dresses, hold their shape for a display~But who wants to have this ugly hanger as a part of … Continue reading

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Upcycled Love

1. totally vintage shirt from Honolulu+2. white cotton tee stained near the hem+3. elastic thread=lovely vintage inspired t-shirt dress This is a 100% up-cycled creation. Grace loves a t-shirt dress, and that’s good for me, because I love to make … Continue reading

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a new thing…

Take a look on the right sidebar… ” When you are unsure which course to take, totally submit your own judgment to that of the Spirit of God, asking Him to shut every door except the right one. But meanwhile … Continue reading

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