Before and After: Pottery Barn Chair Refashion Mini Tutorial

Let’s refashion a PBK chair!  If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that this is the second PBK chair I’ve refashioned… This one’s obviously for Harper.

I happen to find this chair at the Goodwill for THREE dollars. (Can we just talk about how the actual slipcovers at PB are above $50.00 and the chair insert is at least $98.00 and then add $30.00 for monogram…ahem… no thank you.) Maybe you have an older son or daughter who has outgrown their chair and a little one who needs a seat all her own!  Whatever the case, 4 steps and you can have a fresh and fun new pottery barn chair for your littlest cutie.

Here’s the before picture.  Xander had obviously outgrown his chair.  This picture was taken after I washed the cover in HOT water with some BIZ.  It was very stained to begin with and the BIZ was just the trick, think a dull, dingy gray color.  Gross.   So step 1: WASH the slipcover

Step 2: Cut a rectangle out of some cute fabric that matches the cover, yet brings a subtle girly-ness to the blue chair…make sure it is big enough to cover the current embroidered name on the back of the chair.

Step 3: Cut out a monogram from another coordinating fabric.  I printed out a template of the “H” and traced it on the fabric, then cut.  I used some heat-n-bond to secure the letter to the rectangle before sewing them together. Sew the H to the rectangle.

Step 4: Sew the rectangle with the new monogram in place on the slipcover.  Reassemble the chair…. TA DAA…. Done!

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