Tutorial: Mermaid Tail

Ok, I mentioned that the Mermaid tails were the favorite gift opened on Christmas…  Some sweet friends gave me some links online to others who had made tails in the past which gave me some ideas…. but ultimately I made mine a little different, and it was so easy… Here’s what I did:

(forgive me for not having step by step pictures, I was in the throws of strep throat while making these and felt like absolute crap… so just get it done as fast as possible was my motto…hopefully you can follow me without pictures)


velour skirts from the Goodwill in sizes that would fit the girls (stop and pause…I know, velour is the grossest material ever made…but for mermaid tails it was perfect…so I sucked it up and purchased them)

2 other skirts from the stash that were flouncy at the bottom

elastic thread

regular thread to match your skirt

sparkly fabric paint, mine was silver

Ok… Now start here:  take your store bought thrift store velour skirt and sew it up like this:

Now, take the other skirt from your stash, and cut off the bottom flounce.  Run this loop of material through your machine with elastic thread in the bobbin two or three times and hit it with some steam, so it shrinks up.

Now, pin the flounce you just made to the main part of the skirt and line up at side seams

Sew the flounce to the bottom of the skirt using the elastic thread, I used 2 lines of stitching

To finish, take your glitter paint and draw on the scales as pictured above.  Let dry thoroughly and turn inside out if you wash.

There ya go… hopefully that made sense without step by step pictures, but if not, email me! lovelynestdesigns@comcast.net

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