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Moving day….

I know this pic is a Tommy Hilfiger ad, but I don’t have the direct source b.c I found it on Pintrest   Someone said to me the other day on the phone: “We will be out at your home … Continue reading

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Soap Box…

Please humor me for a minute while I get on a soap box about something now….. I know, my husband is sighing and rolling his eyes… but whatever. So, today I had a conversation ( i am using that term … Continue reading

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Dental Habits

This was Harper’s first visit to the Dentist today. She did great!  I, for one hate the dentist and am deathly afraid to go… although I suck it up and go at least once a year… (I know, I need … Continue reading

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Doors and Windows

Click for art info here I’ve been slow at posting… so many things going on around here and so little brain space to process it all… First things first:  We have a contract on a house!!!  Pending inspection, we could … Continue reading

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