Thrifty Find: $6.00!

I haven’t named her yet, but she needs a good one.  Actually, my mom laid eyes on this beauty first…. and $6.00 later, the chair was mine!  Isn’t she just the perfect fit for the bedroom?

I can’t figure out why no one else saw the potential.  She really wasn’t that dirty as you will see in a moment… but for now, revel in her beauty one more time… and then the nitty gritty.

Ahh, Ok… Now for the before shot.

Not too bad, right?  You can’t see the matted dog hair and the plethora of water-type stains on it.  The big blue ink blot was probably the kicker for most people…. Mom suggested I treat the ink with aerosol hair spray and what do ya know… it worked!  I also used upholstery spot cleaner and my favorite handy gadget:  The little green cleaner…. it’s amazing. I used this baby on my $20.00 couch also… and you know, for the occasional spill on the carpet by um…you know… the kids….

Doesn’t this chair look remarkably similar to these two…

From Pottery Barn

and this one from Restoration Hardware

Oh, how I love a good deal.  Thanks, Mom for seeing this one!  Oh, and just for kicks… here is a picture of the ‘dirty water’ side of the green machine… Wow.



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2 Responses to Thrifty Find: $6.00!

  1. Katie says:

    Beautiful!! Your bedroom looks so tranquil and serene. And count me among the many people who would have just assumed the ink stain was there to stay.

  2. Iz says:

    Awesome! You did a great job of cleaning it up! I love it…

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