Why February is fabulous


Truth be told, I have always had the desire to live very near a beach.  Every single time I go near the shore, I think to myself…why don’t we live here?  I can remember even thinking this when I was a young kid. I dream of warmer winters most of all…and the possibility of seeing dolphins every single day.

But what is fabulous about this February is that I feel like I am at the beach in my own house…in Tennessee!  It’s amazing.

I love the fact that all my windows are open and the thermostat reads 71 degrees.

I love the fact that almost every day, the kids have been able to go outside and play barefoot.

I love the sun beating down on my skin and the fact that we stood in the rain today and were not cold.

I love that we grilled burgers on the patio last night and the breeze felt warm like the beach.

I love walking every day with short sleeves and still sweating a little.

This February has been fabulous.  I don’t even care that there is one more day in Feb this year than normal.  Bring it on… especially if it will be above 65 degrees.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still dreaming of the beach… but I’ll take this.  And it makes me wonder if our climate was like this all the time, if I’d even have as much of a desire to move there? Who knows.  For now, thank you Lord for Feb 2012 and the cray warm temperatures.

Oh, and one more thing I am SO thankful for… Daylight Savings time is almost over… or is it beginning… who knows? who cares?… but there will be more sun in my life and longer days and oh, how I can’t wait.


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One Response to Why February is fabulous

  1. Jessica McGruder says:

    amen, sister! I will move to the beach with you if need be btw! :)

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