March: in like a lion…


I am not even sure what the phrase “in like a lion…out like a lamb…”  really means, but for some reason thought it fitting for the month we’ve had so far!

It started with Grace losing her first tooth!  Almost exactly 5 and a half years old, and her first tooth fell out with no drama, tears or anything of the sort… which was awesome.  Coincidentally, it fell out on March 4, which was the day we were taking the girls to see the Disney Princess show at TPAC.

Most of the little girls in attendance were dressed to the nines in their favorite princess attire… but Harper… she insisted on wearing her elephant costume, which was awesome.  She has a mind of her own.  The funny thing was that all the kids who saw her costume were a tad jealous, I think!


The weather has been amazing…summer like temperatures.  So much so that we’ve had water play almost every day.  Since the neighborhood pool isn’t open yet, we’ve got to beat the heat somehow!  I am not complaining though, I absolutely love it. It’s been in the 70′s and this week it’s in the mid 80′s all week.  BLISS!


A little tennis time was in order….

And today, Chris and I took Grace to register for Kindergarten!  I can’t believe she’s old enough to start.  It seems like just yesterday she was born and Kindergarten seemed a lifetime away.  Nope.  Time flies, like it always does and it doesn’t seem possible that she is old enough!  Can you tell she is excited…?

Of course, being the optimum planner that I am, and the mom who is always on top of things… I forgot 2 of the 3 key, essential pieces of the puzzle in registering her: the birth certificate and the immunization form.  Hey, but I did remember proof of residency…that counts for something, right? Oh well… We go back on April 9 for her assessment and again on the 26th for the Kindergarten open house.

And one more piece of news…and welcome to 2012 surprise we’ve had this year:

Yes, you see that right… a baby.  (Not 2… thankfully… just one, but each one had to have a picture to hold).  And drum roll please…. we just found out that it’s a BOY…. !?  What???  Excuse me?  Is that even possible?  Well, I guess as evidenced from the current announcement, anything is possible, right?

The middle picture accurately sums up how Harper feels about having a boy, but Grace is super excited.  She is so sweet that she would have been happy about either.  Harper is opinionated and slowly coming around to the idea but on the night we told them they were having a brother, she prayed: “Dear Lord, thank you for my baby brother….but I wanted a sister.  Amen.”  and Grace only had one “condition…” she is NOT watching boy shows.  That’s OK, Grace, I’m not either. :)

So, moral of the story is… almost exactly one year after you give all your baby stuff away… you will most likely find out that you are pregnant again.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

So, that being said… if anyone has anything they’d like to pass along… let me know, all we have left is the crib…and the double bob, and I think maybe I can dig up a high chair.

There ya have it… March:  In like a lion…out like a ________?  We aren’t sure yet.




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  1. alana says:

    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boys are fun! ;)

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