April….where have you gone?

What on earth have we been doing this month….?  Let’s see… We had Easter, and a whole bunch of hockey…and that’s honestly all I can remember right now.  This may be a bullet point post of tidbits I can remember from the month, since I was a total slacker in blogville.

Let’s see:

* We took the girls to see the baby chicks and ducks at TSC… adorable.  I wanted to bring one (or 5) home!

* Most days I feel like I am just surviving…and eating pineapple.  I think I’ve consumed at least 10 fresh pineapples in the past month alone.

* The baby is still a boy, and he is healthy and growing.  I think he looks like Chris from the ultrasound…but hey, you can really only see the profile and the shape of the head… hehe…And we are no closer to figuring out a name than we were before we knew boy or girl… ugh.

* I have become an avid reader of all things hockey (Predators related, that is) I can’t get enough.

* I also read the Hunger Games series this month… and I was impressed with the first and second books (although I didn’t love them) but hated the third book.  It probably says something about the writer when I didn’t like the story but couldn’t pull myself away from reading the books… huh?

*Grace and Harper have become best friends over the past year and I am starting to worry about what Harper is going to do when Grace goes to Kindergarten. Can 3 year olds get depressed?  Hopefully a new baby will distract her.

* Chris is the best husband ever and worked his magic for me to have glass seats for 2 of the 1st round games in the playoffs.  I.will.never.be.the.same. Oh my goodness…. Here are a few picts of game 5.

* Folks, no zoom on my camera was employed here… We were just THAT close.  I could have grabbed his jersey if there was no plexi-glass in front of me….Pucks slammed into the glass inches from our face… the players checked each other into the boards… it was awesome.  The first game I was scared out of my mind… (and saw myself on ESPN hiding from the impact)..but by the second game, it was all business.

* This is June… my brave friend who accompanied me to game 5…on the glass.  We had a blast!

* And yet another perk of being married to the coolest guy on earth… we rode in style to the game.  A town car with the nicest driver in the history of drivers came to pick us up at home.  I could get used to this!

Can you tell that Playoff Hockey has dominated our lives this month?  Even the girls know it’s playoff time… the pray for the Preds almost every night, and whatever the color of our opponent becomes the “grossest” color ever for that series. It is really funny.  Grace even ‘trash talked’ our opponent last week, saying: “Mom, I bet all the Red Wings smoke cigarettes, because cigarettes are so gross and the Red Wings are so gross…”  I was dying laughing.

Even the boy gets all riled up when we are watching hockey… it is definitely when he is most active.  Maybe it’s all the screaming and jumping up and down on my part…but whatever it is, it takes about an hour after games for him to calm down.

* Also, I have become kind of a hockey snob and am of the opinion that all other sports are a snooze-fest compared to NHL hockey….

*Ok, the last point of the day… Kindergarten open house is tonight at Kenrose Elementary!  Grace is beyond excited, and Harper is hoping to convince someone that she is actually 5, so she can go WITH Grace in August.

Hopefully I will be back sooner than later with more posts and pictures!  Pregnancy is kicking my butt, although half the time I forget what’s going on and wonder why I am SO tired.

Alright, we’ll end it here: GOOOO PREDS!!


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