“Dyeing” for a boy

This is my new best friend.  Fabric dye.  No, it’s not all natural/organic… shame on me… but you do what you can, right?

I read this post about dyeing clothes the other day and thought I’d give it a try.  each bottle is less than 3 dollars and dyes TONS of fabric, so what did I have to loose, right?

I pulled out the 2 bins of baby clothes I had from the girls, and not only was everything PINK, but it was all completely stained with spit up from Harper.  I had forgotten how much this girl actually puked until I saw the evidence on the clothes.  Wow.  There was no hope for most of those things…or so I thought.  I was going to have to throw them away, use them for rags or something else, because I would be ashamed to give these to charity.

I started with the items stained the most…and filled up my dye bath. I think the first color I used was from a powder called sunshine orange… Worked like a charm!

Next I tried Aquamarine… that worked out pretty well too.  There are some items that are a little splotchy, but from what I read, I could dye them again to get that to go away… but I didn’t bother.

Here’s one of my absolute favorite outfits that the girls wore.  Top was white (but mostly puke stained) with a pink and brown bunny, and the pants were pink.  Now look at the results! I am thrilled!  Love how it turned out!

Aww, the little man will look so cute in this!  And they all 3 will have worn it!  I SO wish I’d have taken before pictures… I was too ready to try out the technique and didn’t hunt down the camera.

The only pitfall I ran into is that sometimes the thread doesn’t dye…i.e the white seams you see on some of the items.  Some of the things I tried to dye had been sewn with pink thread and after dyeing, it was completely still visible and very pink…so although they turned out cute, and the puke stains were covered they wouldn’t be suitable for a boy.  Still very girly looking.

The number 1 thing I learned is that the more rinsing, the better.  I rinsed and rinsed these items by hand until the water ran clear for at least a few minutes before throwing them in the machine for the first time.  I had almost no color bleeding when I did it this way, which is good because I am not a good light/dark separator when it comes to laundry…

Here’s a pic of the whole lot of clothes that I dyed:

*the items that look gray in this pic are in fact the same color blue as the shirt in the first pic…don’t know what’s going on with it here.   AND at least half of these items were PINK!

And now for the best part of the project:

We all know those Aden and Anais blankets that are all the rage these days, but are WAAAAAY expensive, right?  I’ve heard amazing things about them, but I had no idea you could buy the same fabric and make your own for a fraction of the cost…!

Check this tutorial out:

Genious!  I ran to JoAnn’s as fast as I could with my 50% coupon in hand and bought 6 yards of the stuff in white. (which ended up being @3.49 per yard) I cut and dyed 3 blankets, and then serged the raw edges with a rolled hem and a contrasting color.  I will leave the other 3 blankets white and either serge with another color, or I may finish the edges like she does here, and maybe add some kind of applique or something… I kind of like the pop of color from the rolled hem though… we’ll see!

I am more than thrilled that I did NOT shell out half a “Benjamin” for 3 blankets.

In other news… the sisters are fine and dandy.  Here are a couple of shots from this past weekend.


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