Almost June

May seems to have come and gone in a hurry.  It’s been a fun, full month.   We’ve been to the splash pad, which was awesome!

Last night we went to the opening of the Treehouse exhibit at Cheekwood.  It was amazing to see all these treehouses!  This was my favorite.  It was crafted after the book The Rainbow Fish.  So cool.  Made out of thousands of cd’s!

Today we met friends, rode the trolley and painted pottery.  It was super fun!  Here’s harper and her friend noelle obviously talking about something HILARIOUS.

Here they are about to paint their pottery!

And here the girls are on the trolley.  This was the first experience Grace has had that will be similar to the school bus and she loved it.  I was so blessed by the driver of our 2nd bus, who happened to be a school bus driver for the Williamson County Schools too! She talked to me the WHOLE 30 min. ride about the ins and outs of the bus, the safety, the procedures, the drivers, and everything else.  The whole time I felt like God was giving me a little wink and love from above.  I have been constantly praying and praying about  making the right decision in whether to let Grace ride the bus next year, and what better experience could I have than 30 min of uninterrupted Q and A time with a driver herself.  I was MORE than impressed with EVERYTHING she told me.  Wow, I was really blown away at what an answer to prayer this was!

And finally, this is a pic of the 26 week baby bump.  I took this yesterday, but I feel like it’s a little deceiving.  I feel about 3x’s this size and I am not sure if the mirror is playing tricks on the camera here… but I swear I feel like I look bigger than this.  Who knows.

… and now I need to go take a nap before the girls wanna go to the pool for the rest of the afternoon/evening!  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having an amazing neighborhood pool.  Seriously, they can not get enough of it.  We are there sometimes twice a day for hours at a time.  I. Love. It! (I may need to buy stock in sunscreen, though…)

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