First day of Kindergarten!

I can not believe we are here… the first day of Kindergarten is in the books.  AND. SHE. LOVED. IT. I have worried and prayed over this day oh for about the last 3 years, and I can’t believe its here.

She did great.  No one shed tears, I could tell she was a little nervous, but mostly excited.  Harper was the saddest of all, she just wants to do whatever her sister does, and up until now, she really did!

She literally can’t wait 2 more years till she can go with G to school.

See the excitement and nerves on her face…?  This was the sweetest, most precious girl sitting next to grace.  She looked at her with the biggest smile and said “Hey Grace!  We are gonna be really good friends!” Melted my heart.

Before I knew it, it was time to pick her up and the carpool line was crazy as ever.  But the smile from ear to ear on Grace’s face was priceless.  She usually tries to hide her little smile when she is the most excited, but not today!  She was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about her day.  Almost the first thing she said to me was… “I really wanna ride the bus tomorrow!” I tried not to swallow my tongue and said, “I think that will be really fun Grace, maybe you can ride it home!” My internal organs were twisting inside, but I didn’t want to show her my nerves! I think it will be really good for her, so we just might take her in the morning and let her ride the bus home… Oh Lordy, the stress of waiting on the bus tomorrow may just put me into labor right there on the corner!!! I mean, how do the bus drivers know where to drop off each kid?  Stupid question, probably, but I’ve never ridden the school bus, so I am kind of freaking out!

I can’t believe my baby is in school… FOREVER….and that I am about to have another one any minute now.  This is crazy, and I don’t want poor Harper to get lost in the shuffle. Chris says he identifies with her… the middle child and all… he was so neglected as a child… (wink wink)

I am so THANKFUL that this day went well! Next thing to tackle will be the bus….. maybe tomorrow…! EEEKKK.


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