Baby Day

So as not to succumb to my sleep deprived, pre-delivery, as well as post pregnancy dementia, I am going to attempt to write about baby Ty’s birthday so I won’t forget.  No gory details, I promise…

Anyways, background information first:  I was induced with both girls, and had never had the experience of going into labor on my own, really… and I wanted to experience that at least once!  Since this will most likely be the last baby, barring failure of permanent measures… I was praying that I could just go into labor and do this thing without a scheduled induction.

So, August 18 comes around, and my parents took the girls for the night.  Chris and I went shopping and to eat fried zucchini at Carrabas, which actually did put me into labor with Harper… albeit early labor that they stopped… We walked, and walked and I was having contractions pretty regularly.  We stopped by a party of some of Chris’ work friends, and eventually left only to continue walking around Vandy’s campus to see if the contractions would stick around.  They did, but I wasn’t convinced it was time to go to the hospital.

We went home, went to sleep, and I woke up the next morning to the contractions slowing down.  Bummer.  But all was not lost…!  The grass needed to be mowed, and the hedges trimmed, YES… sounds like a great job for a woman trying to put herself into labor.  So, I pushed mowed the lawn while guzzling water just to ensure that these weren’t fake contractions… then helped Chris trim hedges and rake up all the leaves etc.  Contractions were steady and pretty painful.  We thought about walking to Home Depot for more lawn bags, which in hindsight, I am so glad we didn’t do… I think I may have popped a kid out on the side of Carouthers Blvd…. anyhow, after a shower and about 10 trips up and down the stairs, I decided to call the OB.  The contractions had been steady for about 3 hours or more and the week before I was dilated 4-5 cm. The doc told us to come in, because once I am in active labor, usually in less than 2 hours each of the kids had been born.

Got to the hospital, still about 5cm dilated… I was MAD! They told me to walk around an hour more, and she would check again.  Surely enough, after an hour, the nurse checked me and noticed a small change, decided she could tell the OB I was 6cm now, and thankfully they couldn’t send me home! Hallelujah!  She came in and broke my water, and baby Ty was born about 2 hours later… August 19 at around 8:30pm.

It was hilarious, because I was having a love affair with my epidural, and was texting friends, surfing facebook, instagram and the like literally up until 10 min before the kid came out.  I love epidurals.  Let me say it again… I LOOOOVE epidurals.  Don’t even come up in here and tell me that they are anything but fabulous….  I know better!  I could feel every contraction, just no pain… I could move my legs, feel when to push and knew when the baby was about to make his debut, but with NO pain.  Ahhhh, what could be better.  It was amazing!  And when that sucker wore off, I had virtually no pain either, didn’t even pop an ibuprofen in the days following delivery.   SEE: The proof is in the pudding… active labor, major contractions…totally relaxed and all smiles…if I wasn’t already married, I would marry you, Mr. Epidural. I love you. 

Baby Ty entered the world at 22 inches long (via NICU measurement, in the delivery room they said 21) and weighing 6 lbs. 10 oz. His arms, legs and feet were so long no one could really believe it! He had a little bit of reddish blonde hair and a sweet, sweet temperament.

Grace and Harper came to see him early the next morning, because they both had fallen asleep right before he was born.  As you can see, for Grace, it was love at first sight, literally.

Harper was terrified of the hospital environment and basically wouldn’t have anything to do with him until we got home. This is the closest she would get.

Ty’s been such a good baby. After 2 days in the NICU, he came home, and ever since then, Harper has been in love too.

He looks so much like she did, its almost impossible to tell their newborn pictures apart. So, there ya go! I am sure I forgot a few things, but that’s the just of it!  He’s 3 weeks old and time is flying by.

Now that Grace is in Kindergarten, I have a new perspective on the baby, toddler, preschool stages.  I KNOW now that these phases will end.  If you had asked me last year at this time, I probably would have honestly told you that I would be the mother of preschoolers FOREVER…. When I hadn’t known anything else, it did seem like that is what I would be doing for the And that was an exhausting thought some days.  No matter what mothers with older children would tell me, I couldn’t see past the phase we were in.

Not anymore… the lack of sleep isn’t getting to me as much, the lack of alone time isn’t weighing me down as much as it used to, and the kids’ neediness, which I have always really hated is actually kind of sweet.   Now, chock this up to post pregnancy feel good hormones, I don’t know… But the new perspective is nice, and hopefully it will last!

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5 Responses to Baby Day

  1. Beka Robertson Noes says:

    That is so cool! Thanks for sharing your sweet story! My twin boys were 6.8 & 6.9 (Imagine 2 Ty’s but not quite as long!!). You give me hope and encouragement that maybe I won’t always be the mother of preschoolers/babies forever either!! Sleep will come again one day:)

  2. Alana says:

    oh my! congratulations!!!!! you have a little boy!!!

    i’m totally out of the loop now that i don’t have a personal facebook page.

    he is beautiful, you look great, and i’m so happy for you all!

  3. Auntie Peggy says:

    Thank you for writing this! It was great fun.
    Love you all,
    Auntie Peggy

  4. Iz says:

    Love you, my sweet baby Jamie…..what a wonderful mother you are…..never doubted this and such a joy to watch…..mmmmmmwaaaaaaa !

  5. The Mom says:

    You crack me up with your positive rant on epidurals! Your baby is precious and I love the story. You seem to pop those babies out with style and all three are gorgeous. Hope you all are doing well! Much love…

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