Let’s try this again: Catching up.

Hello.  Anyone still there…?  Probably not, but I’m gonna try this blogging thing again.

Chris has been asking me for a little while to start writing again… I’m kind of impressed that he misses reading the blog! Sweet, huh?

Anyways, it’s been a year… a whole  year since I blogged last about Ty’s birth story.  So much has happened, and I feel like I’ve changed.  But first things first…

Fast forward to a year, and here we are.  Ty just turned 1.  He’s O.N.E.  A toddler, coming out of that baby stage… sad face.  I love the baby stage…. Correction:  I loved HIS baby stage… not so much the girls… more on that later.

Here’s just a few facts about Ty, simply so I’ll have it recorded somewhere. He’s crawling super fast all over the place, he pulls up, cruises around and can fly up our stairs in about 5 seconds, flat.  No joke, faster that you can turn around.  He’s got several words that he uses regularly: Uh-oh, mama, dada, thank-you, bye bye, bubba, di-pa (diaper) and the other day he actually said “Hi- TyTy” after one of us said it to him.  He tries to mimic so much of what we say its cute.  He’s in love with his sisters.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays when they are both in school… this is one sad, needy little fella.  When we pick up Harper from school, he breaks out into laughter the minute he sees her… and when it’s bus time… he cranes his neck to look around the corner for that big yellow taxi… and when he sees it, he shakes with excitement.  He loves waving to the bus driver, and lunges for Grace as soon as she’s off the bus.

He continues to be super tall (90th percentile for his age) and super skinny (10th percentile)… He’s got the tiniest butt and hips you’ll ever see.  I noticed the other day that he was wearing the same pj pants he wore at 3-4 months old… although now they are more like shorts.

Harper is in Pre-K and seems to be enjoying it.  She just goes 2 days a week, because, honestly it’s easier to have her home.  She loves on Ty and plays so well with him.  This is her last year at home before kindergarten and I couldn’t bring myself to send her to school more than 2 days this year.  She’ll have to go 5 days a week for at least 16-17 years… so why start that one year earlier than we have to? She’s opinionated, hilarious, and has her own ideas about EVERYTHING, and she’s not afraid to let you know what they are.  Having to adjust to being the middle child has been a little hard for her, but I think she’s coming into her own now, and seems to be thriving.

How did I wake up and have a first grader?  I still can’t believe we’re here.  Wowzers.  Anyways, this girl was made for school.  She loves the academics, she loves the social aspect, and she loves the bus.  She got another amazing teacher this year, and is already settling in. This year she has at least 5-6 kids from the neighborhood in her class, which is awesome.  She’s another little mama to Ty.  I can seriously trust her to ‘babysit’ him in the rec room for a few minutes while I cook dinner.  She’s attentive, she’s protective, and she loves playing with him… needless to say, Ty’s enthralled with her too.  It’s just so amazing to see the relationships between Ty and the girls grow.  I knew they’d love him, but I had no idea HOW MUCH they’d love each other.

In thinking back over this year, it has changed me.  I’m a different mom now than I was a year ago.  Some combination of all the pre/post baby hormones and the emotions of sending the first child off to Kindergarten changed me.  I suddenly realized that these days at home with small children DO end, this stage will not be forever.  Maybe I’d gotten stuck in the motions and could not see past the 24-7 needs.  Maybe because the girls are fairly close together, their baby stages were much harder because they all got muddled into one huge cloud of exhaustion and I was simply trying to make it to naptime and bedtime.  I honestly couldn’t see an end to it….Until August of last year.

I now ENJOY just sitting on the floor reading books with them, or playing an endless game of catch with Ty.  I don’t mind if someone misses a nap or they take a short one that day.  Board games are no longer boring to me… and I will gladly snuggle Harper in her bed before she ‘takes a rest’ at home.  Now when Grace gets home from school, I want to see her, to hang out with her, help her with homework or whatever… On the weekends, I don’t mind just hanging at home and doing what they want to do.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really ENJOYED these things before.  I DID them, but didn’t want to do them….at all.  I was surviving.  Now I feel like I’m thriving.  Why the change?  I have no idea, but I am grateful for it.   I mean, I’d love to have another baby… or 100 more (just kidding)… albeit not right now… but Chris says N.O. he is DONE, done, done    (hi honey… :)

I feel like a new woman, a new mom… can’t explain it… don’t know why, but I’ll take what I can get, right!?

So, there ya go.  Blog post done.  Hope I can keep it up.  I have also forgotten how therapeutic writing is for me.



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