Curve Ball

So, I guess just when you feel like you’ve got things under control, here comes a curve ball. Just a little reminder that we need Jesus, I guess.  See, I’ve got this middle child, who is sweet, sassy, opinionated, hilarious and down right stubborn.  She wants to make her own decisions, she doesn’t want to be like anyone else… and she likes to be in CONTROL.  Don’t we all.  This week she’s kept us on our toes… Oh you know, there have been spankings, one slight ‘door handle problem’, and some serious tears shed.  It’s been one of those weeks.  Geesh. Two phrases have been flashing through my mind all week: “Help me Jesus”  and “She’s about to get a beat down…!!!”  Thankfully the Jesus part won over and she’s still alive.  :)

But even on the worst day, you look at her see that heart of gold and that sweet, sweet nature and you can’t help but love her even on the roughest days.  I mean, look at her little tender heart taking care of her little brother just like she was his mama.

…. Meanwhile, in other news… it’s almost Grace’s birthday, she’s decided she wants an iphone, or an ipad, she’s not picky HAHA…….. AND…. NO.

I took a treat to school today for her class.  I just love seeing her in that environment.  She’s grown so much from the timid little shy girl she was just a few short years ago.  School has given her so much confidence, it’s amazing.

Hockey season is quickly approaching… yay, and boo… I’ve actually missed the sport… but the realization of Chris’ work schedule probably hasn’t set in yet.  We’ll make it, every season gets easier.  Woo Hoo.  Now if we can just get our icy butts to the playoffs this year, we’ll all be happier.

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