Saved by the Uvula

“Hey guys, see this dangly thing in my throat… it totally saved my life!”

When I’m pondering the simple things in life… one of the questions I mull over is… “What is that dangly thing in the back of the throat and what on earth is it for?…”

Just kidding, I don’t usually sit around and mull over silly things like that….. but in case you ever wondered…. It’s called a uvula, and in Ty’s case, it was created to help save his life…among its other anatomical values.  No kidding!

Ty in reveiw: he’s constantly moving, constantly trying to accidentally kill himself, and he has an apparently large head…(which he inherited from his father…) ahem.

So yesterday we had just finished dinner, Chris was working late, and the kids and I were upstairs in the playroom… Grace reading her book, Harper working on something else, and Ty…in his normal fashion…going a million miles a minute.

But at this particular moment, he was playing with this small toy flute, while sitting in his chair.  Seems like a benign activity.  NOPE.  One second later, he decided to get out of his chair, HEAD first…. Well, actually flute first.  He fell forward, and the flute hit the floor first, jamming it INTO the back of his throat.  BLOOD everywhere…. I mean, everywhere.

I’m feeling light headed, no one else is home and after a few “oh my gosh-es! and Help me Jesus-es’” I ran out the front door to my neighbors house.  She surveyed the damage, I called another friend whose a nurse… she came over and was able to see a cut on the back of his throat.

Needless to say, we took him into this urgent care (which is AWESOME) by the way…. all ER docs… Anyways, long story short, after tests and xrays they concluded that there was not a puncture, and I could take him to his regular Pediatrician the next day.

She examined him this morning and said “WOW, he is lucky.  The flute hit square on the uvula, if it had hit to the right or the left, it would have most certainly punctured the back of the throat!  I’ve never seen anything like this!”  In other words, PRAISE THE LORD!

His throat is raw and is lacerated a bit, and the little uvula is completely raw, but he should be fine.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of your uvula! (but mainly of God!)

So, in other news…. TAYLOR SWIFT.  Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…..

Chris made the girls’ life by getting them and some of their friends tickets to the Taylor Swift concert last week.  Oh. My.  They were so excited, beside themselves, really.  We had so much fun.  I love Taylor.  I wrote about this on FB… but it was so nice to sit through the whole show not worried that she was going to drop an f-bomb, or hump the mic stand.  She was very classy, wore pretty dresses, and sang fun songs!  We danced, ate popcorn, and loved every minute of it.  Thank you Taylor for continuing to be a role model in your industry! Love her.

Alright, that’s about it. Exhausted from yesterdays events. Buh bye.

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