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I am a mother, wife, and child of the King.  I am a native of Middle Tennessee and currently live here in Franklin.  I have always been a creative person, and I love to find a diamond in the rough.  These days my passion is REFASHION.  I love the challenge of seeing something not for what it is now, but for what it has the potential to become.  My husband doesn’t like for me to admit this, but we’ll just put it all out there…..   I can’t quite quell the urge to take a peek inside a dumpster every now and then.  You would be shocked at what people throw away!   Ninety-nine percent of the materials I use are recycled, right down to the tags and labels.  I believe we need to be good stewards of what we’ve been given, and this is one way to do it!

I came into “refashion-ing” almost by accident.  In an effort to test new patterns, hone my sewing skills and try out new techniques without breaking the bank, I began using old thrift store sheets, tossed out clothes and found pieces of fabric.  The items I ‘up-cycled’ turned out unexpectedly cute!  I have always loved the thrill of the hunt and seeing things with different eyes, and I had just stumbled on another way to combine this with my love of sewing!

The challenge of making something beautiful out of something ordinary excites me.  It also reminds me that I too am a work in progress!  The name ‘Lovely Nest’ came after studying a beautiful bird’s nest I found with my daughter last spring; it was made out of twigs, grass, string, found objects, and ‘repurposed’ treasures, we examined everything.    The nest seemed to symbolize exactly what I was doing, so Lovely Nest Designs was born.

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  1. Bazookarenegade says:

    I LOVE your stuff. I think if we lived closer together we’d be pals. Alas, I am a Canadian and you live way in the South! I am passionate about repurposing, the environment, and also, most importantly, JESUS! I hope that you are incredibly blessed with your Etsy shop. I am also really happy to see you witnessing online about the decisions you and your husband are making as you are led by God. Have a fun week!

  2. I hate to mimick what the 1st commenter said above but I feel the exact same way. I first found you not that long ago on the site that featured your Anthro inspired hand towels. I just made my own version and was searching around for you to give you source credit and I find myself reading up on past posts. I feel like we’re kindred spirits that just havent met face to face yet.
    Id love to get to “know you” better through this online world of blogging. I think we have lots in common:)

  3. Jackie Bate says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I saw he lovely quilts you made for your girls out of vintage sheets. I was
    wondering how you got the strips to look all crimpy and puffy. I have
    sheets, and I wanted to try it because I love the way it looks.
    Would you enlighten me?
    Thanks…..love your site.

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